Privacy Policy


11.1 All the personal data of the User or the Customer, which are sent by e-mail to the Company or are registered by the Customer during the purchase of the Products, are and remain confidential.

11.2 The Company informs the User and the Customer that it will process, both itself and third parties by order and on its behalf, its personal data that are sent to it via email or registered in it, as follows:

a) Type of data: i. Regarding the electronic messages (e-mails) submitted: The data filled in by the Store User when sending the electronic message and ii. Regarding the data when ordering a Product: The personal data that are registered as well as those that may arise during the purchase.

b) Purpose of processing: a) Service of the User and the Customer during his navigation on the website and the use of the Online Store, b) order, purchase, replacement of products and refund, c) withdrawal from the market, d) defense of interests of the Company and fulfillment of its obligations under Law and e) public promotion of the Company.

c) Recipients of the data: For the data that is necessary for the service of each of the above processing purposes and within the responsibilities of each recipient: The Management and the services of the Company, banks and under the conditions of the Law, public services and judicial or supervisory authorities, public officials and, where appropriate, other third parties.

d) Rights of Access and Objection: Every User or Customer, as data subject, has the right to know whether personal data concerning him are or have been processed (right of access, article 12 of law 2472/1997). The User or the Customer has the right to raise objections at any time for the processing of the data concerning him (right of objection, articles 13 of law 2472/1997). For any exercise of their access rights and objection to the processing of data you can contact the Company.

Modifications – Shutdown

12.1 The Company reserves the right at any time and without notice to revise, modify or remove these Terms of Use unilaterally, in its sole discretion, of course updating this text for any changes or additions. The Company also reserves the right to establish more specific terms of use, which are considered as a whole with these general Terms of Use, but in case of conflict between them the special terms of use prevail. Any invalidity of any of these Terms does not invalidate the remainder. The non-exercise by the Company of its rights deriving from these Terms, does not imply its waiver of these rights, nor does it lead to the tacit abolition of a Term. The Company is not responsible for violation of these Terms due to reasons of force majeure, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, extreme weather events, strikes, etc.

12.2 The Company is entitled to modify the Content of the Online Store, to add or remove Products, information and data and to temporarily or permanently suspend its operation, when it deems it necessary.


13.1 This website, in order to facilitate and serve its users / customers, may provide, inter alia, a link through “links” hyperlinks or banner ads, to third party websites and websites, for content, privacy policy, security policy, the completeness and quality of the services provided, or the terms of use, the Company can not guarantee, nor be responsible. The connection to these websites and web pages is the sole responsibility of each user / customer. The above third parties, providers of these websites and websites, have the full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, legality and validity of the content of their websites and websites, excluding any liability of the Company, as indicative liability for intellectual property rights or any third party rights. Consequently, users / customers are required to contact the above third party providers directly, for anything that arises from visiting or using their websites and webpages.

13.2 Despite the fact that the users / customers of this website accept that the Company is neither obliged nor able to control the security and content of both the websites and websites as well as the services of third parties, to which it provides access, however it is entitled at any time to removes, modifies or interrupts any third party service or connection to third party websites and websites, if in its sole discretion the law or these Terms are threatened or violated.

Applicable law – Jurisdiction

14.1 Users / customers are obliged to comply with all relevant Greek, European and International laws and regulations, including indicative and not restrictive laws relating to the protection of intellectual property, protection of personal data, protection of competition, etc. Also users / Customers must make use of this website and the services offered through it in accordance with good manners and these Terms.

14.2 The above terms of use are subject to Greek law and are interpreted accordingly. If any provision is deemed invalid or void by the competent Greek court, it ceases to be valid, without this affecting the validity of the other Terms. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or concerning these Terms is subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Kavala, place of its seat.